750 Series — 750 YARD TTX ACCURACY


750 series

The TrackingPoint 750 Series of 30 caliber bolt action Precision Guided Rifles provides the shooter with all the functionality of TrackingPoint’s well known and thoroughly proven 1000 XS Series of Precision Guided Rifles, with a range of up to 750 yards.

Indeed the TrackingPoint 750 Series rifles share the same Networked Tracking Scope, Guided Trigger and Tag button as the 1000 series. All of the rifles in the 750 series are bolt action Remington actions and firearms with 26″ barrels, and Bell & Carlson stocks.



The main differences between the three rifles in this group are:


  • 220gr LRX OTM ammunition (2950 fps)
  • 1:10 inch twist rate




  • 145gr LRX XactShot ammunition (2800 fps) or 171gr OTM (3060 fps)
  • 1:9.25 inch twist rate




  • 168gr TSX XactShot ammunition (2680 fps) or 165gr TSX (2680 fps)
  • 1:12 inch twist rate