About Us

Historical Background:  Historic Arms Corporation was founded many years ago with the specific purpose of giving perpetual corporate form to a firearms business that originated back in the early seventies.  In furtherance of that objective a 1600 sq. ft. secure underground Vault / Gun Room was constructed to house (and secure) the extensive collection of National Firearms Act (NFA) firearms maintained by our NFA Sales Division.

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In connection with the NFA Sales Division part of its business Historic Arms has for many years been the holder of a Federal Firearms License (type 01 – dealer), a Federal Firearms License (type 09 – destructive device dealer) and is also a Special Occupational Tax (SOT) Stamp holder.  Responding to requests for precision rifles, Historic Arms established its Precision Rifle Division and became the holder of a type 07 Federal Firearms License (manufacturer) and established a test and evaluation facility. As Historic Arms is licensed to possess and deal in ordinary firearms, precision rifles and also NFA devices such as machine guns, silencers, destructive devices (cannons, mortars) and flamethrowers these are always in stock.

However, in 2013 there was an exciting and revolutionary development in firearms.  TrackingPoint of Austin, Texas announced the development of a line of Precision Guided Firearms.  These firearms apply fighter – jet “Lock and Launch” technology to precision rifles creating rifles with which ordinary hunters and sportsmen can easily hit moving targets at ranges out to 1200 yards.  Historic Arms is proud that TrackingPoint has selected it to be one of only a handful of dealer partners to introduce these advanced precision firearms which are the only firearms in history whose bullets always hit their intended target.  Whether in law enforcement, the military or sport hunting it is a major step forward to know that every bullet fired will go only where intended.

In connection with its Firearm Training Division certified firearm instructors were added to the staff and today Historic Arms conducts advanced firearms training and many of the concealed carry training classes in Virginia.  Its Firearm Training Division is even authorized to and regularly conducts Simunition firearm training.  Indeed each year it trains, literally, thousands of students in various aspects of safe, responsible firearm ownership and use.

Its mantra is The Best Safety Device For Any Firearm Is a Well Trained Operator

Reference Library:  Historic Arms maintains in its inventory an extensive number of fully automatic machine guns ranging from original Maxim and Lewis guns (from the WW I era) through the Thompson guns which made the “roaring twenties” so famous, up to more modern weapons such as the fully automatic Mk 19 40 mm grenade launcher or the M60 general purpose military machine gun and, now, the TrackingPoint Precision Guided Rifle.  Accordingly it is fully qualified to provide instruction and training on all these firearms.

This reference library serves several purposes: first, it serves as a repository of knowledge and information about machine guns, firearms and other NFA devices which otherwise might be in danger of fading away into obscurity. It is also an easy way for anyone to see, handle, fire and even train on these rarely seen firearms before making a decision to invest in ownership.

Bob Starer– Founder, CEO and Chief Instructor

Bob was originally trained as a physicist but rapidly moved from science into the business world.  In point of fact he is was the CEO of various corporations including a public company (NASDAQ, national market).  His interest in firearms led to his oRLS 1perating along the way gun stores and firing ranges in several states while he was a successful executive in Corporate America.  His current interest in automatic weapons, firearm training and precision weaponry was a direct outgrowth of that early interest.  Indeed, years ago one of his early companies was heavily involved in manufacturing the Browning M2 Heavy Barrel machine gun for the military.  Some time ago he founded Historic Arms and is currently its CEO and Chief Instructor.  He has been a federally licensed firearms dealer (FFL/SOT) since 1978.  As such he and the Historic Arms staff are authorized to possess, use and deal in full automatic weapons, silencers, cannons and similar firearms.

While Bob is still eager at every opportunity to learn more from others, he has a world of knowledge and expertise relating to firearms and receives his greatest pleasure from passing this knowledge on to others.  He is proud that Historic Arms Corporation has been selected to be a TrackingPoint Regional Sales/Support Center where he can introduce others to the magic of the TrackingPoint precision guided rifles.

He is also:

  • A VCDl Member
  • A GOA Life Member
  • A Front Sight Diamond Member
  • An NRA Endowment Member
  • An NRA Recruiter
  • An NRA Range Safety Officer
  • An NRA Certified Rifle Instructor
  • A Colt Certified Armorer
  • An NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
  • An NRA Certified Shotgun Instructor
  • An NRA Certified Home Firearms Safety Instructor
  • An NRA Certified Personal Protection in the Home Instructor
  • An NRA Certified Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor


  • A Simunition® Scenario Instructor
  • A Virginia licensed Firearm Dealer
  • A Virginia Registered Private Investigator
  • A Federally Licensed Firearm Manufacturer
  • An FAA Licensed Commercial Pilot with Lear-Jet, Instrument and multi-engine ratings

Historic Arms has several operating divisions:

  • An NFA Sales Division specializing in machine guns, silencers and other NFA devices.DSC_1497 sm
    This Division is, perhaps, best known for its extensive inventory and reference library of NFA devices which is housed in a 1600 sq. ft. underground Vault / Gun Room.
  • A Precision Rifle Division specializing in custom AR rifles and, most recently, the revolutionary TrackingPoint Precision Guided Firearms.
    These Precision Guided Firearms (PGFs) use many of tracking-point-1021the same concepts in their tag and track optical sighting systems as do our latest jet fighters.  As an experienced jet rated aviator Bob immediately understood the value of the Heads Up Display used in the TrackingPoint PGFs.  And as a firearm instructor certified in seven disciplines of firearm training,  he immediately focused on the major advance in firearm safety and utilty made possible by a rifle system which for the first time in history the bullet always hits the target at the intended point of impact.
  • A Training Division specializing in firearm training which trains thousands of students each year in responsible, ethical firearm ownership and usage.  While Historic Arms has extensive 15[1]outdoor facilities for training it was recognized that there was a need for a firearm training simulator.  As an experienced jet rated aviator he appreciated the benefits of using computerized flight simulators for training.  This led directly to his desire to bring the benefits of computerized firearm simulators to civilian firearm training – particularly in situations where the dangers of live fire may outweigh the benefits.

Accordingly, Historic Arms made a major investment in a computerized mobile firearms training unit photo (12)which provides the ability to bring firearm related training to those who otherwise would not have the benefit of such training.
photo (14)And with its self contained power, heating, cooling and toilet facilities the mobile firearms training unit also greatly facilitates the ability of Historic Arms to support live fire demonstration and training events for machine guns, silencers, AR rifles and TrackingPoint Precision Guided Firearms.  Indeed, today this mobile firearms training unit is in almost daily use providing firearms training.

Jason Gibbens – General Manager Firearms Training Division

IMG_0533Jason was an experienced information technology guru and private gun owner for over 20 years when his interest in firearms was stimulated by joining Historic Arms.  Once his natural teaching abilities surfaced he became a valued part of Historic Arms.  While Jason changed careers so that he could devote himself to teaching responsible firearms ownership and usage with Historic Arms he remains a valuable information technology resource.

As Jason’s teaching abilities matured and he became an NRA Certified Instructor, Range Safety Officer and Utah Certified Firearms Instructor he also became the Chief Instructor in the Permit Division of Historic Arms and subsequently was appointed General Manager of all Historic Arms teaching activities.

He has personally taught, literally, thousands of firearm students in hundreds of classes and gets great pleasure in seeing his past students go on to become safe, responsible armed members of their communities. A strong proponent of the 2nd amendment, Jason keeps up to date on as many new laws and rules relating to gun ownership as he can and even numbers full automatic firearms among his fondest personal possessions.  With the appointment of Historic Arms as a TrackingPoint Sales/Service Center he is looking forward to teaching more people about the TrackingPoint magic.

As an Ambassador Level Member of Front Sight and a Virginia registered firearm Salesperson he continues to devote himself to improving his personal firearm knowledge and skills.

While we don’t like to see him take time away from his students and permit classes he, nevertheless, spends what time he has free racing motorcycles on the track.