5.56 Saker
With an interchangeable front cap feature that also functions as a flash hider, and baffles made from material 30% stronger than Inconel. Trifecta RS (resonance suppression) flash hider keeps the flash hider from ringing like a tuning fork, and is a quick detach.
Special features:
Caliber: 5.56mm
Weight: 18.02 oz
Diameter: 1.5″
Length: 6.758″
Material: Stellite baffles, 316L stainless steel tube
Full auto rated
SpecWar 556/762
Mission ready with its Active Spring Retention design that allows a quick attach. Made for 5.56/.223 and 7.62/.308, magnum or subsonic. True bore manufacturing ensures the highest level of accuracy with minimal shift in point of impact.
Specific features:
Calibers: 5.56/ 7.62
Length: 7.30″/ 9″
Diameter: 1.5″ / 1.5″
Weight: 19.5 oz / 24.0 oz
Baffles: stellite
Tube: stainless steel
This silencer/suppressor family was designed with modern combat handguns in mind. Most of the baffles and internal volume is beneath the centerline of the bore and out of the way of the handgun’s sights.
Specific features:Silencerco-Osprey-01
Calibers: 9mm/ .45 ACP/ .40
Weight: 9.8oz/ 11.1 oz/ 11.1 oz
Dimensions: 1.3″x1.75″
Length: 7.0625″/ 8.0625″/ 8.0625″
Mount: threads
Octane 9/45
Designed to be versatile, this suppressor is compatible with everything from a pistol, to a subsonic rifle, to a submachine gun or even an UZI. The Click together assembly baffle stack makes it incredibly easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble.
Specific features:SU144_Octane_rear45degrees
Calibers: 9mm, .300 (subsonic), .22LR, .45 ACP, .40 S&W
Length: 7.50″, 8.50″
Diameter: 1.375″
Weight: 10.78oz, 12.1 oz
Material: stainless steel and aluminum
This was the first silencer in the world to offer multi part containment technology, allowing easy disassembly for maintenance.
Silencerco-22Sparrow-01Specific features:
Calibers: .22LR, .17 HMR, .22 Mag, .22 wmr, 5.7x28FN
Rated for full-auto
Weight: 6.5oz
Diameter: 1.062″
Length: 5.08″
Material: alloy steel and stainless steel
Thread options: engage or don’t engage o-ring
Spectre II
Constructed for ultra high performance with tough Stainless Steel, it is one of the quietest .22 suppressors  in existence. It has click together assembly allowing for easy maintenance.
SU145_Spectre_P22_SideviewSpecial features:
Calibers: .22LR, .17HMR, .22Mag, .22WMR, .22 Hornet, 5.7x28FN
Full auto rated for .22LR
O-ring engagement
Length: 5.98″
Diameter 1″
Weight: 6.8 oz
 Warlock II
This suppressor was created for maximum sound suppression in the most lightweight aluminum package possible. Its click together assembly allows for easy maintenance.
Specific features:SU147_Warlock_P22_angle
Calibers: .22LR
Length: 6″
Diameter: 1″
Weight: 3 oz
Material: aluminum with stainless steel thread mount