Hotchkiss 1897 Naval Cannon 1/4 Scale Reproduction

Hotchkiss 1897 Naval Cannon 1/4 Scale Reproduction


hotchkiss 1897 scaleThis ¼ scale Hotchkiss Revolving Naval Cannon is one of only 21 made by Mike Suchka. It is an articulated, swiveling, five barrel revolving cannon made of brass and mounted on an engraved iron frame. The foliate pattern engravings extend over the top of the housing and into the brass barrel supports. The base of the cannon is mounted on a two-drawer oak cabinet, the top drawer contains copies of the original instruction manual of the Ordnance Corps from 1886 along with other documents and a leather detachable shoulder stock. In the second drawer you will find hand tools and spare parts for the cannon. A small brass plaque on the base describes the original cannon as well as the miniature model.

The original Hotchkiss revolving cannon this model is based on was designed in 1872 by Benjamin B. Hotchkiss. It was a rifled, rapid-fire gun made of oil-tempered steel with a rectangular breechblock which was meant for travel with cavalry. The most common Hotchkiss had five 37mm barrels and could fire 68 rounds per minute with an effective range of up to 2,000 yards.  A much more rare varient had five 50 mm barrels and could reach out much further.

These cannons were developed as a defensive mechanism for our capital ships.  Because the big guns of the capital ships could not train fast enough nor depress far enough they were ineffective against the newly developed motor torpedo boats.  Howver, these Hotchkiss revolving cannons were so effective they were also adopted for land warfare by being mounted on wheeled carriges.  Historic Arms is fortunate to also have one of these five barrelled 50 mm (2″) cannons in its inventory.


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December 27, 2014

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