XS3 .300 Win Mag

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XS3 Precision Guided Firearm

Fighter-Jet Precision in Our Smallest, Lightest PGF

The XS3 Precision Guided Firearm is our smallest and lightest system, optimized for hunting and terminal effects on game with the 190 gr. LRX round.

A bolt-action, .300 Winchester Magnum Surgeon™ action powers each shot from the long range hunting rifle. The 22-inch, Krieger™ cut-rifled Palma profile barrel is fitted in a McMillan A5 chassis.

The XS3 delivers an effective range of Tag Track Xact (TTX) to 850 yards. Its parallax-free zoom is 6 to 30X.

The scope streams video to Android and iOS smart phones and tablets. Wind speed is the only data you’ll manually input to the scope, using a toggle button.

The XS3 precision hunting rifle uses 190 gr. LRX XactShot™ ammunition by Barnes®, loaded to +/- 10 fps standard deviation muzzle velocity.


Included with your PGF System

Integrated Networked Tracking Scope, Guided Trigger, and Tag Button
200 rounds of 190 gr. LRX XactShot™ ammunition by Barnes® (+/- 10 fps standard deviation muzzle velocity)
Harris™ bipod with Larue quick-detach mount
Custom Pelican™ 3300 hard case with TrackingPoint logo
3 batteries and chargers
Cleaning kit
Tablet preloaded with TrackingPoint applications and content

Restrictions: In accordance with U.S. law, TrackingPoint will transfer ownership of your XactSystem™ PGF through the federal firearm license-holder (FFL) of your choice. Customers must be eligible to own a firearm in the U.S.