Private Tour of the Vault

Founder and CEO Robert Starer offers a private VIP tour of the most fascinating historical firearms of our time.  The tour includes a walk through of the famous Vault/Gun Room: 1,600 square feet of National Firearms Act (NFA) firearms.  Visitors will have the chance to see our rare and extensive collection up close, with an experienced national expert as guide.

Events and Experiences

We offer exclusive one-on-one trainings and shooting experience with some of our precision firearms.
  • Rifle and pistol demonstrations and practical lessons
  • Self protection demonstrations and practical lessons
  • Machine gun demonstrations and shoots
  • Tactical demonstrations and shoots

The Process to Acquire an NFA Firearm

Yes, you can legally own a machine gun, silencer, or short barrel rifle.  Historic Arms has been a federally licensed firearms dealer (FFL/SOT) since 1978. As such, he and the Historic Arms staff are qualified and authorized to guide you through the process of acquiring full automatic weapons, silencers, cannons and similar firearms.