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As you can see from the various activities shown on this web site we are very busy but we are never too busy to give you personal attention.

Since we do host many events, spend quite a bit of time training and on the range and also display our offerings at many gun shows and industry meetings we may not be able to personally answer your phone call immediately.  Please understand that if we can’t take your call right away it is not because we are hiding behind voice mail; quite to the contrary, it is because we are providing somebody else with the quality service you will receive as soon as we get back to you.

In the meantime if you drop us an email we will be better prepared when we respond.  We will always do our best to respond promtly — usually within 24 hours.

We know  folks like you will remember where you received exceptional customer service and will tell others about your good and (bad) experiences.  Also, please keep us informed about the things you are doing.  Our clients are like family to us and we love to hear about what they are doing and the experiences they have had.

Periodically during the year we host various events.  For example, we host TrackingPoint events, Machine Gun events, Silencer events, Simunition events and many others.

If you have an interest in being invited to these one of these events be sure to sign up with our online form and indicate your interests.

Feel free to drop us an email or use our Online Inquiry Form