Events and Experiences

One-on-one training and shooting experiences:

All of us here at Historic Arms find the activities related to the periodic educational events and experiences we hold for our friends and clients to be the most fun, rewarding parts of our jobs.

We sponsor educational and hands-on:

  • Rifle and pistol demonstrations and practical lessons
  • Machine gun demonstrations and shoots
  • Silencer demonstrations and shoots
  • Precision Guided Firearms (TrackingPoint) demonstrations and shoots
  • Long Range demonstrations and shoots
  • Tactical demonstrations and shoots
  • Self protection demonstrations and practical lessons
  • Urban self protection exercises
  • Firearm safety classes
  • Climbing, rapelling and zip lining demonstrations and practical lessons



Camp Trident: Working to inspire 13-17 year old boys through intensive mentorship and constant exposure to positive role models in austere, stressing, controlled environments, while providing them with an exciting outdoor experience designed to enhance teamwork, self-confidence, and perseverance.

Rapell 1 rev a

TrackingPoint shooting events: Our 1,000 yard shooting range allows us to host TrackingPoint shooting events in which we can put the Tag, Track, Xact system of the Precision Guided Firearms to the test.

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Machine Gun Shoots: These events are held once or twice a year, and are filled with a variety of activities. A few of the featured activities usually include full-auto shooting stages through an obstacle course, zip-lining to where a machine gun is waiting for you, and an open range where participants can shoot their own firearms, or use our machine and submachine guns.

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